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Friday, April 2, 2010

These Breasts Are Not For Kneading - Even If You Are Needing

Funny, or is it, how at 50, I am still privy to a highly underpaid, smiling, chinese pervert, who is a paid professional, professing to have a PHD from Bejing; placing his healing hands on me, under the guiless disguise of a therapuetic TCM therapist.

Last night, I left my gym early, after my regular massage gal, who always tells me how sexy I am - probably because I leave a better tip than so many other clients who are too cheap to give monetary thanks; told me she would "wait for" me if I arrived at the nice looking sweat shop she works at on Granville, by 9:30 pm.

After a 25 minute power leg workout and an intense detox in the sauna, where I liberally doused the faux charcoals with water, just like I am not supposed to, I quickly walked to my usual healing haunt, on my walk, back home.

A call from a guy named Bob, who asked me, " Do you remember writing a poem about my son?" Yes, after 27 years I still remember being inspired to write,"Kiss Of A Child," whereupon his then 3 or 5 year old son, kindly kissed me upon the cheek after his Dad bought us all an inexpensive meal and dropped me off at home, later.

Amy literally helped me undress as Bob hung on the phone, while I prepared to drop down to the table. Being pampered for a whole 55 minutes of bliss, before picking up the wee tab and honoring her with the usual almost 30% tip.

After the very shrewd young business woman gave me the gift of a very long and skinny chinese cucumber she knows that I love, she sagely suggested that I have Allen enter .. Whreupon, they did both do  a divine duo dance upon my willing and  receptive body. This way, l get 2 people doing acupressure, instead of one. And, since it was such a slow day  .. for them, why not?

Next thing you know, the PHD who "went to university for 12 years" in his homeland, was rubbing my lower extremeties ... Legs and feet. Very slowly. Gently. I told him to increase the pressure. After his partner left, he generously decided to work on my inner thighs and breasts ...

"Do you always massage your client's chest?" I calmly inquired. "Only if they are very good customer like you!" my new massage therapist, who was once a "heart and cardiovascular Doctor" in Bejing quickly retorted. I wish I was giving him a score, because where he was severely failing in one area, he was coming up aces in almost convincing his vulnerable, naked client, that he was actually sin-cere.

What I can still see is his hands going down to my breasts after using the excuse of spreading my expensive rose oil all over my neck and cleavage to keep me "looking young." They always say this at Big Feet, on Granville Street, because they have been well trained. Shirley, the owner, teaches her pets to make all the right moves, say that they are trained in TCM as certified doctors and bail out the B.S. Sad to say, yet, I must admit it is true. Especially, now.

I told my sordid story to the always smiling guy who works in check-out at Safeway. Already, on my way home to pay my rent to my wealthy, good looking Japanese landlord, who lives next door, and always sighs, except when he is collecting cash. The middle-aged Fillipino could not believe my experience. Causing me to really look again  ... and see the thoughtful man-handling for what it really was and is ...A violation!

My son thought I should call the police, lay charges and sue. The way I have raised him to speak up for himself and own his power, this makes sense. Of course, I was still in shock.

My landlord, counting out his toll for the eve, before flying to Boca Ratan "to look after the family," was stroking his hairless chin. Asian men do not grow much hair, and he makes this maddening gesture, when he is really 'elsewhere.' We had a good laugh, yet, he knew that boundaries, even if he didn't metion them, had been bypassed. All he did was suggest, "If you think your pregnant, please go get a ... episiotomy," which neither of us could pronounce. Even though one of my neighbor girls claims he is a doctor. All I know, is how can I get pregnant when I have not had sex in close to 2 years!

Interesting, how people draw their own conclusions, due to their unconconscious and definately unrequited fantasies. Looking at a toned, trim blond, with boobs , they don't care to bore into my brain or note that there might be an even bigger and more beautiful heart. All they know is the overwhelming taste of  their own hidden desires. Unconscously, they tread in dangerous water. Barely staying afloat, they say whatever they may. And, boy, do they pay!

If you can even imagine ... it was me who felt bad, afterward. For stopping to suppose that a qualified professional would stoop so low .....Well, as I write this wrong, I see that it is not me that is going to do the work. Not at all.

Stay tuned in as another abuser who knows not what he does .. or does he?  Finds out that casually spreading a womans legs as she trustingly lays upon  her back, and going down to knead her inner quadriceps, is not something a person of integrity should neccesarily do, in the line of divine duty. And, that holding a beautiful breast in your money-grubbing hand, before rubbing the nipples, is not acceptable.

Goddess! It feels good to get this off my chest!

Now, if only I had that picture. Never leave home without your camera. Have blog will travel and pictures are worth a million worthless.

Katherine Marion


My stream of dreamy creamy consciousness has pretty much summed up the titillating points of reference. Now, you decide for yourself.


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  5. The picture you word paint is plain enough, every detail left to the imagination, translated to a heartfelt revelation. You are magic. The power of energy in your language of skin-to-skin will bring hearts to race and cause minds to open. Openness is the only genuine touch.

  6. Loving Lyndsay,

    I especially love that last sentence of yours - staggering in simplicity and yet, so very profound on all levels.

    Thank you for being where i need you to be.

    Glad to be where others may someday travel unto ...

    Goddess Bless You !!!!!

    kat purring