Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mending Us Broken Dolls

So many women have been abused

Goddess' unjustly accused

of crimes not committed

Becoming the addicted.

So many women neglect their own

 Once so sadly shown

they were not truly respected.

Foolishly neglected.

So many women lost their dream

As little girls never seen

to be more than dolls

Left in darkened halls.

So many women lose their child

As battered beings gone wild

lost in yesterdays pain

Found to be insane.

So many women led by shame

Empty lives filled with blame

drugs and booze

No more to choose.

So many women blind to their light

Left dead by their morbid fright

of powers taken by others

Broken sister and brothers.

Katherine Marion



For too treacherously long and lonesome a torrid and far from wondrous while, I have been close-up and all too privy to tales that many would wish to go untold.

Now, my time is to be bold and begin to hold a series of Supernatural Soul-Rejenerative classes, filled with class and aplomb, on how a woman can give herself back her own precious power.

So, that she may shine her own precious light ... back upon herself. Lighting up the loving arena, for all to  see what a brilliant example of beauty coming back in full force, she can so bravely and boldly be!


My classes on:  Creating your own Supernatural  FEMALE

F- Female

E- Empowered






This recent pic of my dear Mommy friend, M, is one more inspirational image, I hold close to my open heart. We are both Mommy's who have been put through so much ... And, yet, their are throngs more of us out there.

What's a Supernatural Woman to do, other than unite us all as one ...  and heal this wounded world.

 Creating Heaven on Earth.

C'mon ... what are you waiting for?

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