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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Crazy Woman Came To My Door

A crazy woman came to my door

Her heart muscle was very sore

Rather than even kindly implore

She vented her spleen and swore

Dark energy full of awful pain

Words colder than sleet or rain

Hurt was hers to hopefully gain

Hope she never comes, again.

Barbara is such a special name

So sad she has demons to tame

Calling down is such a shame

Showing herself to be insane

The other woman at her side

Single Mother who did chide

Any other would have cried

A part of them must have died

Two females hurting so much

Victims of their own crutch

Blaming others for their rut

Going on about such and such

Too bad a little boy is involved

No challenge can be resolved

When victims are not evolved

Abusers to play the appalled

My innocent son heard it all

Loud crash before their fall

True love stands real and tall

Wimps wine with half a ball

Humor help to diffuse the pain

Someone has to be seen as sane

Rage as hot as a spreading flame

Excuses poor and beyond lame

Keeping my own calm and cool

Playing noone's ass or silly fool

Maybe I should start my school

Guiding others with golden rule

Lessons are everwhere in life

Especially in poverty and strife

A woman behaving as mad wife

More cutting than a dull knife

Shrillest scream of earthly hell

Screamed by those scared to tell

Of others ringing their own bell

Shrieking from their broken shell

One healthy choice for any of us

No need for drama or unruly fuss

Fear is really such cowardly stuff

Seeing life as so awfully tough

My heart is a lightened dove

Mine own Angel from above

 Others push comes to shove

I shall always choose LOVE!

Katherine Marion


Alright, I have temporarily rectified my prior situation with healthy coping skills; peacefuly pacifying the fearful part of me, after being verbally accosted by two fearful women, banging at my front door.

Sharing joy and walks with that wonderful little boy has been such a blessing for everyone. Now, his Mommy tells me that "he is acting out." As if we had something to do with it!

Bringing along a barely loaded barrel of loaded  aummunition; consisting of a crazed female I have never met, who throws me tiring threats and accuses me of being " a bad influence,"; telling me 'he can't see you, anymore."

I was shaken .. to say the least. Inbetween dry-brushing, listening to a loving voice-mail, and preparing to take flight for the wondrous outdoors, to balance chakra's and raise my charming Chi.

To have my peaceful space disturbed is disturbing. I have not had this un-kind of rudeness at my door, since my last wretched neighbor, over a year ago, moving in and posing as a bible thumper who professed to wish me well, when all she wanted to do was plunge me into her own personal hell.

It doesn't matter where you seem to move or how often, there will always be another spayed cat, pissing on her seeming territory, hissing with threats, and playing the part of aggressor.

Whether she works at MCFD and is just getting her footing and fretfully feels she has legal right to claw at kindest you, for injustices done unto her, as an innocent young girl; seemingly maimed for life.

Or, even if she is another single Mommy who has been put through the emotional winger of the injustices of the imoral justice sytem, herself.

No one has the right to wrong another, accusing beauty of being anything other than a blessed blessing.

Therefore, I shall simply remove myself from the cast and unconscious crew. Walk in the fresh springtime air and take a new and invoragating breath ....

And, wish the doomsayers well.

Yet, only to wonder about the tender-hearted young boy, now having a fit and "throwing furniture around the house," over the fact that he is not allowed to see his 'big brother' and the trusted Mommy who loves him so, even if from afar.

Bless us all!



My 14 year young and wise - happy homeschooler, Kaelin, captured this incredible vision of light hiding behind the passing clouds ... early this morn.

From outside his bedroom window, he could already foresee the light of the situation that would come to pass, hours later in this still enchanted evening, we hold safely as our own.

Keep believing.

We are!

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