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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Your Dope?

What's your dope - Hope?

Nothing else is gonna work - nope.

This was never a joke - folk

Could be your your final - poke

Time you awoke - bloke

Before your very last - stroke

No room for a toke- joke

Readying for sweetest - soak

Your lingering grope - croak

Next the emptied - moat

Grasp this rope - Hope

Otherwise doomed - choke.

Katherine Marion


Wired after listening to an intuitive  on speak it like I feel it .. and inspired by Alex Jones latest rants, as listened to on his wild website of a rousing ride -

Grateful for receiving a call from a friend of mine who is executive producer on the new Sharon Stone movie, coming to town.

Psyched because I have recently made a clearly defined decision concerning clearing my conscious path.

Inspired due to the sun coming out and landing to kiss me kindly on my freckling face.

Tired since I have been up all night, again.

Not giving a damn cause I only have one life to live, before I really die.

Giving because I already lost.



Now, with birds chirping, phones ringing, and great music playing ... I am going to sleep. HOPE you enjoy my latest stream of dreamy creamy ...

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