Thursday, April 15, 2010

His Bark Is Almost Ass Good As Her Bite

Notice the way she stands on bended knee

Could this Goddess of nature really be me?

No makeup or hair stylist on hand to see

Katherine making love to a neighbors tree

Mother Earth calling out none too soon

Worlds colliding to consciously commune

Feet firmly planted in soil I seed myself

Roots digging deeper than external wealth

Leaning against limbs my intuition knows to trust

Blessed  Natures beloved creatures, to be, I must.

Loving myself as am the gift of air I breathe

Dancing in the woods of love and gentle as the breeze.

Katherine Marion


Aside from the far from finest hair day ... this sweet and very natural photo, taken yesterday, reminds me of the same free-spirited feeling and endlessly elfin energies that I so effortlessly carried within and about me, at around the same fine form and innocent age of 17.


"We never grow older. Simply, glow younger! "- K.M.

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  1. lets you and me live forever dear friend . . . xo