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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Nation In Need Of Nurturing

Who am I to say that babies should be served boobies all night and all day?

Simply one single Mommy whom trusted her intuition and allowed Primal Mothering it's invisible safety net of a say!

Whom am I to claim that countless dysfunctional outnumber conscious funtional males by a dime a dozen?

Simply one single Mommy who receives so many comments from middle-aged men that it would boggle your mind!

Who am I to claim that Mothers milk makes more common sense than drinking something dead from another species?

Simply one single Mommy whom freely fed  her own blessed Son from her breasts for the first 7 years of his loving life!

Who am I to know that babies fed on nutrient-less pastuerized
milk, unaturally warmed in a bottle is best?

Simply one single Mommy who's child never burped-up, suffered colic, bed-wetted, or went without sleeping the whole night through!

Who am I to know that my natural 34 F cups are not better left buttoned-up and hidden away?

Simply one single Mommy whom has learned that ample cleavage is not a sexualized private entity of the nurturer that I truly am!

Who am I to believe otherwise than millions  pornographically prone to believing that breasts can be something more than sex objects put on deviant display?

Simply one single Mommy whom has shared the breast life has to offer with her baby, turned into a boy and transforming into a well adjusted male!

Who am I to think that old scoffers will ever change their wily ways easier than their own neglected Mothers changed their dirty diapers for too many tormented years?

Simply one single Mommy whom knows that this changing world is in desperate danger of evaporating if more milk is not discharged on command!

Who am I to remember the enchanted way my blissfully content son slept in the comfort of his Magical Mothers arms and was the happiest baby you would ever wish to meet?

Simply one single Mommy whom knows that the healthiest immune system, highest IQ, healthy teeth and jaw formation are directly related to receiving raw milk from the Goddess-given vessel!

Who am I to feel that babies and children need to be nurtured for as long as they so wisely choose?

Simply a single Mommy who knows that the only way to raise real men is to be a Supernatural Woman with nothing left to lose!

Katherine Marion


This stream of dreamy creamy milk-like consciousness is purely and preciously divinely inspired by the un-told multitudes of mainly middle-aged males whom constantly comment on the nurturing ways of which I still raise my happy homechooler son.


Trust me and the innate nurture that I so wisely allow my sacred self to be .. that this sweet and never-ending story is not over yet. Not until the delicious last drop ....!


Top photographer: supremely talented Bryan Ward - captured this incredible image of my son and I, so many yummy breast-feeding familiar years ago.

If you can imagine, he told me he chose to no longer photograph my son, because he does not like photographing babies and children.

Sadly, it seems someone else did not get enough of the good stuff ...

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