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Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Daffodil's Made LOVE One Day

Two Daffodil's

made LOVE one day

just to see

what Mother Nature had to say

spilling nectar

everywhere with nary a care

moistened petals

bare-naked and ready to share

stems so green

sexy and slim to behold

leaves brightened

by light bright and bold

daring to dream

with faces open to the sun

two hearts dancing

to create a beloved one!

Katherine Marion


It just occured to me that even in the unconscious act of a rape, where the abuser or predator rapes a fragile flower ... there is still light. Even if a baby is born out of this hostile injustice, there is some sort of holy wedlock of wounded souls that meet in the dark of deading night and shattered soul.

Something rare, precious and sanctified ... created from impoverished parts that previouslly died. Another generation or species to carry the seed. Sowing a better, braver and brighter new world  ... with a kinder word, a gentler look and an open heart that gives and never thinks about what it can get.

A breed unlike the others. Those sinful sisters and brothers who took their own and sacrificed the rarified. Garden of LOVE allowed to beautifully blossom and  rise to full heights. Soulful willings tended by earthly delights.


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