Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beach Bunny Bikini - Happy Easter Sumptuous Saturday!

Chain-link on black

Goddess talking back!

$400.00 designer gift

Goddess making a sexy shift ...

Real boobs of my own

Goddess not to be overthrown

Flat tummy toned and tight

Goddess receiving rawsome delight

Firm butt says it cheekily

Goddess posing provocatively

Self discipline a positive thing

Goddess blessed to sweetly sing

Gifted by her own loving light

Goddess giving her supernatural insight

On this planet to be healed and heal

Goddess grateful for JOY she does feel.

Katherine Marion


It feels really good to be the well - preserved chronological age of 50 and know that I can still jump into a designer bathing suit, or slide seductively out of it ...

What is even more thrilling to receive one more sexy gift that helps me to remember that I am whatever I want to be, whenever I wish to so succulently be.

Sometimes we really need to remove ourselves from the same o'l mundanities that so frequently threaten to violate our sense of self. If this means arming ourselves with a little less on our arms and legs, so so be it and magical me.

Bless you, gift giver - Greg. Wait til I have some real professional pics captured this sweet summer, to really do justice to this luscious leather and chain- link affair of the happy heart made more wondrously whole.


Check out on Granville Street in Vancouver, B.C.


Soon to upload a few delectable mini-clips of me in the change-room - stay tuned in and turned on ...
Join my chart-stopping, heart-starting channel and be supernaturally up-lifted ....

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