Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A No-TABLE Transformation

Last night - post power gym workout, a pretty blond 24 year old girl stopped me to unabashedly compliment me on my figure and tell me how great my Lululemon tights looked on me. She was stunned when I told her I was a mere 50 years of age. She thought me closer to  30. Guess I must be doing something right, after a power walk, weight workout, stretching, and a 1/2 hour of detoxification in the sauna, that actually acts as a real, supernatural face-lift, too!

After my beautiful chakra stone necklace came undone and  and fell upon the ground, on the way home to find my delinquent pubescent rollerblading boy, I quickly strolled to Big Feet for my treasure of time spent on only ME. A full 1 1/2 hours of blissful bruising, under the not always tender and forever loving care of William; recently returning from China, with his madlly mised wife whom chooses to live in Bejing, because she says she does not like to work so  hard for less money, like too immigrants, whom choose to settle - in every sense of the worrisome word.

I felt really good about myself after the gym. Even when the male chinese office supervisor reprimanded me for casually laying down on the faux leather mini couch. Might look like I am relaxed or something distasteful such as that. Complimenting a slightly older woman of 88, whos husband had died  a couple of sad years ago, was my pure and precious pleasure. As was mine when a 50ish East Indian womaan spied my putting on my eco frienly mascara, and told me, "You don't need that. You are already beautiful!" How could I not feel good?

Answering a few massage inquiries that never panned out, for Goddess-sent reason, taking out our raw, vegan garbage and putting together some home-sprouted sunflower seeds and almonds for Kaelin was a wise thing to do, for an energetic boy who had not come home to be fed and watered, at the pre-ordained time, hours earler. So, let's get it taken cafe of ... before I pay someone else to offer me unconditional love and support; looking after the person who is such a pro at tending to everything and everyone else.

So, why AM I still awake at this un-Goddess-like hour?

My highest intention is to visit my ailing 97 year young Great Aunt Thelma, this love-sent afternoon. Yet, my wrinkled wonder has finally emerged from his 2 hour healing Himalayan  Crystal bath. He may not take enough of them .. Yet, when he does, he is treated like the King Kaelin that he truly is. Fed rawsome salads, dates and apples. No need to wipe a table. Simply unplug  .. and blot.

Now, my bright light of a boy, lays beside his wonderful and amazing mommy that he claims he can't go to sleep without. Many men would  only wish ... Our love is real and pure. We share so much and have been through even more ... Who can tell us anything? For, we should be paid a Queen's ransome for this wondrous wisdom. And, surely soon, shall.

Holy Goddess! Nothing relaxes me like Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupressure on all those meridian points. Blockages coming unblocked. Listening to my body that tells me everything. Especially, when I am open to hearing ...

Thanks you wickedly wounded world; for opening me up .. so that I may love so deeply, feel so intensely and heal so immensely!

Katherine Marion



That is not too mention .. a woman whom felt she had to leave the massage clinic, when she was in my company, because she said, " I came here to relaxe."  My only reply being, " Then, relax." I suppose my sin, according to her,  was asking my son what his consequence should be. He suggested, " I don't know. Ground me?" I quickly retorted, "How? Lock you in  a room and never let you out?" Obiviously some are just not born with big boobs or a   sense of humor.

Probaby no children, either!

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