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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Me I Really LOVE

Wearing gorgeous lambswool that moths later did masterfully maim

Carrying herself royally just the sanest same for superficial is not her game

Passing a hand through my once magnificent mane

Demons have now caused me to pull out locks that once my face did frame

Holding conscious contact with brown eyes bright and filled with hope

Saving grace with humor and bliss to someday elope

Smiling with newfound freedom at insights real and rare

Gladly releasing beauty realised to forever generously share

Breezing through life with an air of confidence seldom felt by few

Giving myself unto others as I know you yourself would surely do

Grateful to be alive and filled with divine light that shines brightly

Waking up with Katherine can be something to look forward to nightly!

Katherine Marion


I wonder what most would consider their worldly losses to be?

A favorite pricey sweater? A few pairs of leather shoes that took them nowhere?

A halo of hair lightened only by the sun and frightened by the fear in everyone?

A world that never was real, so what is really lost?

It is within .. where true beauty really lays embossed!


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