Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big Bird - I LOVE YOU!!!

Wonder when my world would brighten if it were dressed in yellow?

The color of ripening banana's and chickadie feathers.

Wonder what I would would look like if the sun shone his loving light upon me?

The hue of early sunrise and late evening sunset.

Wonder how the world might feel if my blood ran the color of golden honey?

Filled with joy and bliss to share with all whom  I magically touch.

Wonder whom I might meet while smiling with yellowed teeth and sun-streaked hair?

Embracing life and sharing love with all on my loving path.

Wonder where I might travel if I begIn my joyous journey right this very moment?

Drenched in life's eternal enchantment and glad to simply be alive and breathing deeply.

Wondering why I haven't started burying my face in the sand and baring my butt for all to see?

Enjoying sending shock waves of sunlight, screaming to merely a fearfully dreamy many.

Wondering who upon this planet may understand the brilliant words I bravely write?

Knowing nothing matters except that I make myself happy by making more than a peep ...

Golden Girl,

Katherine Marion


Started experimenting with background color, font and ....

All because I seemed to be unable to pull up my pics from my computer to add to my visual display. And, right after a fan so kindly asked me to post up more pictures onto my blog!


Now, if only I had that bribe-worthy pic of my sister Carol; dressed up in that darling designer chicken suit she was forced to wear for her school play.

Big Bird - I LOVE YOU!!!


Goddess! I adore giving myself unholy challenges.

Lookie here ... found some sweet new photo's of my son and his wee friend, cavorting, the other day.

Wearing my expensive bike jacket; he is an eternal ray of frollicking sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day, in so many a wondrous and child-like way.

Sending out waves of wonderment and enchantment.


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