Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sleep All Day and Let The Boys Play

Hours of April rainfall feeds the pretty flowers as much needed sleep aids a mind and body to recall ones potent powers.

With winter climate conditions and a freezing cold bedroom, I snuggle up with my sweetest soul-mate to rest my spirit and warm my tootsies.

Finally rising, to answer a wee knock at the door and the tiniest boyish voice calling forth, politely asking to speak to Kaelin.

Soon to gladly sent my son who is now so tall, he is up to my eyebrows while standing up, to venture into chilling Spring temperatures, to play outside.

Before the boys run outdoors to play tag, we travel back downstairs, to visit Mommy  Marianne, find some fresh socks, and  ensures her sweet son wears a winter vest over his warm hoodie.

Yet, not before dispensing fresh Sedona dates to my neighbor and her sweetest son, and capturing a priceless image of one more growing youth, with and appetite for life;  biting into an organic Ambrosia Apple.

May your spring be as full of bounce and forever shall you bite into the juiciest parts of a loving life made all the more pure an precious.

Katherine Marion

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