Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poncho's For The Poor

Two pretty poncho's for the poor

inner wealth could not ask for more

Ordained Baptist minister is she

Charlotte Fairchild's gift to me

More money to ship from Georgia

than cost of fabric, just to show ya

Lovely in lavender and purple, too

Guess I will never again be blue

Breasts within, she likes to hide

away from men; nestled inside

Carefully hidden for all to see

Well, this is certainly not me

Merely an oversize soft hanky

for all to touch so gleefully

Wearing a smile upon my face

Naked, underneath, to give chase

Grinning, in a springtime breeze

Hope someone might soon sneeze!

Katherine Marion


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Thanks, dear facebook friend, Charlotte, for sending me your kind hearted tokens of love, which I shall wear and cherish. You do so many good deeds in this world. Especially with your conscious creations of "Poncho's For The Poor."


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  1. It was the raw food that first led me here. It is your playful outer beauty that kept me interested. But more than anything it is your sweet, sweet soul that appears in your writing that touches my heart in many ways.

  2. not sure what you want me to comment on the nice bra and thong the big poncho's or the tight butt