Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Monday With Muslim Friends

Omond and Umid came to play upon this Easter Monday

Who knows what the other children  may someday say

Kaelin teaching a carnivore to prepare raw Miso soup

Is certainly more nutritious than other  Muslim poop

Non-practicing Muslim brothers both born as Canadian

Immigrant Mom and Dad safely fleeing from Afghanistan

No booze or masturbation allowed is what I have been told

Thanks to 2 boys who are still more young than that too old

I made a video for

Maybe a MILF at the door can be more fun than a Bunny!

Katherine Marion -  to watch the wonderful new videos ..


Somehow, I always trust my poetic verse. Less terse and far the reverse of standard fare and very fair ... concerning what is expected of me.

The only reason I mentioned MILF, is that ever since baby girl Mommy - Britney Spears brought this often sad and sordid word into existence, I have been blessed to be labeled the insane same.

Therefore, might as well have fun with it ...


And, to assure you; as I opened that door ... I was merely wearing the biggest, baggiest, old and tattered pink housecoat. The closest thing to bunny rabbit colors I could find in my extensive existential wardrobe.



Not to let you down, I still have the Real Bunny outfit safely hanging in the dusty closet. One day, soon, I shall surprise baffled you!!!

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