Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I Don't Write I Might Go Wild

A cat confined to a small cage

is gonna build up a lotta rage

Frothing at the mouth to get out

she is gonna fume and flail about

Holding her down works not

for she has already been caught

Taking away the home she knew

offering her hope far and very few

Giving herself very brief respite

to catch her own self in mid flight

Mindful of a stranger offering food

sometimes she's prone to be crude

Sticking fine claws into open hand

drops of blood fall upon hot sand

Creature misunderstood by so many

more polished than the prettiest penny

Viewed by tourist from world afar

known by only those who truly are

Ahead of her time and so alone

chewing upon an age old bone

Dishonored and left for wild

Abandoned as a young child

Raised by a heart full of dreams

Born without material means

Taught herself to write the wrong

singing her lonely minstrel's song

Fending for many at an unearthly age

unconscious others put her in a cage

Hurt by those who feigned to love her

watch her roar after you make her purr

Sure-footed and finding her own way

beware our you may be her feast, today!

Katherine Marion


Am I pissed? You bet.

So many dirty moles who are so fearful to get their hairless heads wet.

Asking me questions you would not believe about a loving life I did so receive ... because I do the inner work , while they play on the outside.

 A cat and mouse game.

No more getting caught ...

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