Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Midnight Skate Into Safeway

With midnight - closing at Safeway, the only safe way to enter is by skates alone

Collecting $50.00 from a birthday envelope left at Customer service, as shown

Past fiance, Antoni, of 3 years, earlier called, yet, we didn't hear our phone

Later calling to send us to Safeway to pick up some cash to make a boy moan

Instead we were making Miso Soup for 2 Muslim brothers so eager to learn

Un-cooked; the only way to go when the empowered  leave nothing left to burn

Third time Kaelin has ever skated in all  of his consciousness-raising years

Natural born athlete stretching limits and his growing limbs without fears

Taught to trust by example and role model who walks on her own two feet

Blessed Mother and Teen Son enjoying supernaturally spontaneous treat!

Katherine Marion


Oh, I love putting more precious words to pictures ...


All I can say: "Can't wait til we get that Pogo stick!"

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