Friday, April 23, 2010

LOVE is a flower

LOVE is a flower

tucked atop my ear

gently placed in place

by the boy I hold ever dear

LOVE is a flower

watered daily by me

lovingly looked after

by the woman I know myself to be

LOVE is a flower

tended to with heart

grateful to receive

with each and every happy part

LOVE is a flower

growing never alone

giving back beauty

with every kindness she is shown.

Katherine Marion


I walked to the gym with my roller-blading boy, Kaelin, yesterday eve, after a visit to Canadian Tire to pick up a couple of mountain bike inner tubes for our two tires, recently blown on one more shortened bike ride.

On the way, we stopped at a luscious line-up of hot pink Rhodedendrun's, to capture a few intoxicating images, before the sun began setting.

 Sleep deprived Mommy wearing her battered old pink Lululemon hoodie and a clean pair of tights. Shining son, who would rather be at the park, kindly complying ...

Guess what he gets for a gift? A big bottle of toxic bubble foam and I get a stuffed up head from no real air to breathe for an hour; set to the fun task of ordering 2 out of stock tires at another franchise, and a far shorter workout that ever intended.

Picking lilacs on the way to lift weights, helped 'work it out'; dispersing frangrant purple flowers to a model who shares the same bottle of hair dye as her friend, passing out The Agora news, and booking a massage for later in the evening, really helped set the tone for how much better I was soon to feel ....

Upon arriving home, after 1 1/2 hours of TCM, a couple of good ears to hear my latest wisdom attained, and a Japanese cucumber; gave me the added impetus to reach back inside and pull out one more tender-hearted loving treat.

May you enjoy this precious poem ... as much as I revel being at home with LOVE!

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