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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your Breast Food For Healing

Every time I turn the other cheek ...

Out comes the sun to do a little asking or is it 'ass-kissing,?

Every time I leave myself  open for receiving

In comes the light to love me with all her might

Every time I allow space to create my own

Within are found ways to bless that I am shown

Every time I let go to allow my dream

Without knowing what the answer might seem

Every time I find myself sprouting new breasts

Growing more aware with every fresh new breath

Everytime I lose myself as I eat to my health and healing

Glowing with Goddess-sent glory and glorious feeling

Everytime I trust the universe is giving me all I will ever need

Remembering all I need to do is plant the sacred seed

Everytime I accept gifts given to me as purely unconditional

 Supernaturally strolling half- naked to the sunlit windowsill!

Katherine Marion


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